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A Little Child Shall Lead Them: Fighting Dreadlock Discrimination

Photo: Knotty Boy Facebook submission

“There were no black people in my son’s elementary school, and he got dreads.

I told him if the kids teased him, to go to the office and tell the nurse he was sick so he could phone me to come pick him up. Well, the whole day went by, I got no phone call, so when he got home I asked him how his day went. He said everyone made fun of him, called him a girl.

And then he said to me, “It’s ok, though, Mom. I love them. I don’t care how much they (the kids) bug me.” “Did you want me to take them out, DJ?” “Nope.”

Self worth at 7 yrs old is a beautiful thing. He’s kept them ever since. And he’s 22 now.”

From Jennifer in Vancouver, commenting on a Knotty Boy Facebook post about dreadlock discrimination in schools. A little inspiration to keep fighting the good fight, from the strength and self-awareness of a 7 year old. Clearly his mama raised this cutie well!

Got a story about overcoming discrimination against dreadlocks? Tell us! Email your own photos and stories to and we’ll share them with the rest of the Knotty family, to help affirm the decisions we’ve made or are thinking of making. We are knot alone!



  1. Angela Hennessey

    My five year old daughter always had a huge sleeping matt/dread so I figured we would just section off her hair and lock it up as a style. (Like go with the flow!) Being that we live in a predominately conservative neighborhood, I noticed the “looks” she got from parents around school as well as comments from other kids (no discretion whatsoever!) But she insisted that she loved them. I think in other areas of her life, aside from school, she is enjoying the uniqueness it adds to her self. It is part of her that makes her special and stand out. She is totally a dread-baby!

  2. Cameron

    Ive always wanted locks ever since i was young i was in 3rd grade and i was bob marley for halloween my mom made a tam with crochet dreads on it for me and it was awsome But as i got older my patents told me i couldent have dreads I fact they always made me cut my hair short i dident realize why until i was a little bit older but my family is mormon (i am not) thats when it dawned on me im finally an adult and plan to dread soon ive realized how close minded my parents are and it saddens me i never thought they would be like that but after all i am the black sheep

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