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Bill Hepper

Bill's Survival Story

This handsome devil is Bill Hepper, who worked as Knotty Boy's first Wholesale Manager starting in 2002. He is also Adrianna's dad!

In April 2004, Bill was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in his jawbone (highly unusual, as it is a form of skin cancer), and battled this very aggressive cancer through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy for two long years.

By Spring 2006, he had received as much conventional treatment as his body could tolerate. Bill was told to put his affairs in order and say goodbye to his family - the cancer was simply too aggressive. There was nothing more that could be done, and he would be gone in six months.

Thankfully, this story has a HAPPY ending! Through a move to India, combined with diet change, more surgery, Ayervedic (Indian traditional) medicine and much prayer, the once-softball-sized tumor in his jaw completely disappeared, and no cancer is found in his body. A true miracle, considering it was the fastest spreading cancer his oncologists had encountered in their careers.

From India Bill moved with his wife Sandra, and his new lease on life, to Turkey, then Malta and now resides in Florida to continue getting that good Vitamin D and staying healthy. We are so happy for his recovery and current health.

If you are interested in learning more about Ayervedic medicine, or natural treatment for squamous cell carcinoma and other aggressive forms of cancer, feel free to read more of his story and contact him here. He would love to hear from you!

Bill and Sandra have also recently launched a little website called Travel There by Video for travel-nuts out there just like themselves. Sign up to receive one handpicked, best-of-the-best travel video per day, and enjoy vicarious, round the world travel adventures from the comfort of your easy chair. (Our personal favourite is this one at the moment - who doesn't love 'All Night Long' by Lionel Richie??) Also, any online shopping you may do on can be done by logging in through their Shop tab, which helps them generate a little money on the side. Every bit helps in these tough times, and Bill's staying creative along with the rest of us to keep afloat!


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