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Knotty Boy Conditioning Spray Review

Momma Jorje's 64 Babies
{July 2012}

Busy mom and blogger Momma Jorje reviews the Knotty Boy Peppermint Cooling Spray and the Knotty Boy Shampoo Bar on her dreadlock journey.   Read More »

Knotty Boy Conditioning Spray Review

Midnight Violets Blog
{February 2012}

Knotty Boy Dreadlock Conditioning Spray is a February 2012 Top Pick in the UK make-up junkie Hannah's blog, Midnight Violets. Read More »

Knotty Boy Shampoo Bar Review

Sidney Sider Blog
{January 2012}

Joelle, photographer, blogger, and all around amazing woman, shares her secrets for staying grounded and says "thank you" to Knotty Boy. We feel so loved! Read More »

Knotty Boy Review by Adoption Magazine

Adoption Magazine
{July 2011}

Shelley, blogger and mother to two young boys, one biological and one adopted from Ethiopia, reviews her experiences with Knotty Boy Ultimate Detangler. Read More »

Knotty Boy Review by Adoption Magazine

Knix Hand Knit
{May 2011}

Textile artist and second-time dreadhead gives props to Knotty Boy Dread Wax. Read More »

Knotty Boy Review by Kokofemme

{February 2011}

Watch our most popular products reviewed (and loved) by Mark, one of five collaborators for KnottyDreadTV which boasts over a thousand subscribers on YouTube. Read More »

Knotty Boy Review by Kokofemme

Natural Journeys Blog
{February 2011}

Knotty Boy loves Sisterlocks and it sounds like they love us back! The Natural Journeys blog tells us how Sisterlocks and Knotty Boy go hand in hand! Read More »

Knotty Boy Review by Kokofemme

Kokofemme - Locs, Makeup & Reviews
{January 2011}

A YouTube sensation since 2008, Koko takes her viewers along on her loc journey with this insightful and entertaining Knotty Boy review. We are pleased to be a part of that journey! Read More »

Knotty Boy Review in Acuff Zoo blog

The Acuff Zoo Blog
{September 2010}

Two parrots, two humans, one house is what makes up the Acuff Zoo. Crafter, costume enthusiast and techie Heather put out a great Knotty Boy review of our Dreadlock Starter Kit, locking up husband Toney's hair. Read More »

Knotty Boy Review in Hair With Purpose

Hair With Purpose Blog
{July 2010}

This blog is the shared creation of two mothers of biracial children who love natural hair. Read Jennifer's Knotty Boy review of our Dreadlock Starter Kit after using it on husband Antonio's Afro-textured mane. Read More »

Knotty Boy Review by Kokofemme

Knotty Boy Lock Shop and Salon on CBC TV!
{March 2007}

Woohoo, we're famous! Peek into the Knotty Boy Lock Shop here on CBC TV's Living Vancouver.
Watch the Video »

Knotty Boy Ad in Afro News

The Afro News
{February 2007}

Abantu, one of Vancouver's longest-running Afro beauty supply retailers, ran a full-colour back page Knotty Boy advertisement in locally-published Afro News. Read More »

Knotty Boy in Skunk Magazine

Skunk Magazine
{October 2006}

A very nice Knotty Boy Dread Wax review by Skunk Magazine! See what they had to say. Read More »

Knotty Boy in YM Magazine

YM Magazine
{Dec 2005}

Remember this lovely 'zine, ladies? YM Magazine featured the Knotty Boy Starter Kit in "The Next Big Thing" section of their magazine, which happened to be the last issue they published after a 72-year run.
Read More »

Knotty Boy in Heads Magazine

Heads Magazine
{October 2004}

With a name like Heads it must have something to with hair, right? We'll let you figure that one out. Check out their review of the Knotty Boy dread care line. Read More »

Knotty Boy in Georgia Straight

The Georgia Straight
{June 2004}

A great article all about Knotty Boy, our beginnings, products and dreadlocks in general by the Georgia Straight, Vancouver's most prominent weekly for news, arts, entertainment, culture and lifestyle.
Read More »

Knotty Boy in Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun
{April 2004}

The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver's major daily newspaper, featured Knotty Boy on their front page soon after the release of the Dreadlock Emergency Removal Kit. The article traces the history of the company and explores some of our most popular products. Read More »

Knotty Boy in Vancouver Courier

The Vancouver Courier
{April 2004}

Get a little inside scoop on how we've managed to stay in the game! See what The Vancouver Courier, a local weekly, wrote about the growing Knotty Boy Company. Read More »

Knotty Boy in Vancouver Courier

The Westender
{June 2003}

Dispelling dreadlock myths and educating the masses (hey, that's just what we do!) in The Vancouver Westender weekly newspaper. Read More »

Knotty Boy in High Times

High Times Magazine
{April 2003}

See which two best-selling products High Times Magazine wrote a nice blurb about! Though, at the time, those might have been our only products... Read More »

Knotty Boy in Edmonton Journal

Edmonton Journal
{July 2003}

The Edmonton Journal wrote an article "untangling the difference between real and fake 'locks" and, naturally, came to us for an interview on the subject. See what we had to say! Read More »

Knotty Boy in Ym Magazine

YM Magazine
{June 2002}

Check out this short but insightful interview with the founder of Knotty Boy in our first YM feature, "Beauty Bosses: Fab Women Who Started Their Own Companies". Read More »

Knotty Boy in Salt Spring Island Barnacle

The Barnacle
{May 2001}

The Barnacle Island Journal, a now defunct Salt Spring Island (where it all began!) weekly, wrote one of the first articles about Knotty Boy, commencing its move to Vancouver, B.C. Read More »

Knotty Boy in Ym Magazine

Jane Magazine
{March 2001}

The original Knotty Boy Dread Shampoo Bar had an orange label, which got us featured in Jane Magazine's "Orange you glad we didn't say banana?" products review. Read More »

Knotty Boy in Salon Magazine

Salon Magazine
{July 2000}

This industry magazine distributed to salon professionals featured Knotty Boy Dread Wax in their 'Hot Products' section. Read More »

Knotty Boy in New York Times

The New York Times
{June 2000}

See what a 39-year-old dad thought was going to keep him looking young and hip in 2000! Hint: Knotty Boy Dread Wax might be one of them. Read More »

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