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Knotty Boy review on Momma Jorje's blog

Momma Jorje
{July 2012}

"I am accustomed to only washing my hair about once per week, but it has been very hot here. I've been sweating extra. It is even hot inside our travel trailer. This gave me the perfect opportunity (need) to try the Peppermint Cooling Moisture Spray. This stuff has a strong smell... of peppermint! I suspected that the spray would tingle for a couple minutes, distracting you from the itch for a short time. However, this stuff actually relieves the itch! "

"The shampoo smells really nice. It doesn't have a strong smell. The directions on the page suggest that some people like to use a corner of the bar to get at itchy spots. I found that using an edge of the bar felt great for scratching my head while I washed. In case you're totally set on a liquid shampoo, Knotty Boy offers a Liquid Dread Shampoo as well. Read Full Article

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