Making the Move to Natural Hair…with Dreadlocks!

Looking to transition out of relaxer and into more natural hair care? Dreadlocks are a a great choice for anyone to whom the Big Chop doesn’t appeal; you can keep your length while growing out the damage – without the hefty price tag of weaves. We chatted with Knotty Boy user Alisa about her journey!

KB: How long did you use chemical relaxers for?
A:  I started relaxing my hair in my early teens.

Did you move straight into dreads, or did you experiment with other styles first?
A:  Other styles came first; relaxer, then extension braids, relaxer again, then dreads.

What drew you to dreads?
A:  I always thought dreadlocks were cool. I was tired of using chemicals and was ready to have completely natural hair in a way I could manage.

So, was it a conscious choice to transition to natural, chemical free hair?
A:  Absolutely!

How did you start your dreadlocks?
A: They were flipped through with the big hook and then a small hook was used to weave in the flyaway bits and tidy things up. Over time, I’ve been cutting off the relaxed bits at the end. It just seemed easier to manage that way.

Do you prefer natural products, or are you happy to be relaxer free, as opposed to completely chemical free?
A:  I definitely prefer natural products.

Was it an easy transition?
A:  At first I was worried about how my hair would be perceived by others in the workplace as I was in a very ‘corporate’ environment. In terms of ease-of-care, it was amazing! I didn’t have to think about chemically treating my hair every 4-6 weeks, and it was such a relief!

Did your corporate gig have problems with your hairstyle?
A:  They actually didn’t end up having an issue with my dreads at all.

Have you run into any preconceived notions, or prejudice, because of your hair?
A:  When I was in the shop preparing to have my dreads done, the other black women there actually voiced their concerns to me. Once my dreads were complete, they realized how much they suited me, and complimented me for sticking to my choice. The most common question I get is how do I wash my hair; I don’t mind taking the time to answer questions and explain, as I believe it helps educate people!


Alisa L. is a Branding, Marketing, and Website professional. She (and her awesome dreads) currently live in the Vancouver, BC area.



Wax On, Wax Off? Guest Blog by Kris Lockafella, The Dreadquarters

By Kris Lockafella, Owner & Head Stylist of The Dreadquarters in Vancouver, Canada

To wax, or not to wax; that is the question on just about every potential dreadhead’s mind.

Dread Wax is easily the most controversial of hair care products, sparking hot debate far and wide in internet-land. Can you have great dreads without using it? Absolutely. Dread wax is not a necessity, but as thousands of happy customers (and stylists) can tell you, using Knotty Boy Dread Wax can safely help you get those dreads faster. We recommend it at The Dreadquarters because it works! If you’re looking for a way to speed up the locking process, look no further than this little tub of all-natural awesome.

Originally formulated to help people with straight hair lock up, Knotty Boy Dread Wax has gained popularity among all hair types as an effective way to keep new knots protected during shampoos, meaning less frustration and less daily maintenance. It also keeps flyaway hair groomed to the body of the dread, making it more manageable for anyone who needs to keep it tidy for work or school. Used as directed, it’s a great tool to have at your hair care disposal – but it’s a choice, not a necessity.

If you choose to use dread wax, here are 4 quick tips for avoiding some commonly-cited pitfalls. Read more…

NEW Tutorial Video: How to Remove Dreadlocks Without Cutting

We’re pleased as punch to announce our latest video tutorial showing how possible it IS to remove dreadlocks, mats and tangles, without having to reach for the scissors.

If you’ve ever thought about having locks, but the prospect of eventual baldy-ness has always kept you from making the dreadful leap, let Kris from The Dreadquarters show you, step by step, how you can now enjoy having, and then removing, locks with a little help from the magical Knotty Boy Dreadlock Emergency Removal Kit. Read more…

dreadlock cut

Cut-and-Runs: Dreadlock Theft & What You Can Do

Photo: Jason Sammon

Dreadlock poaching is becoming more common due to rising global demand for human hair dread extensions. So if considering extensions for your own locks, it’s becoming increasingly important to either know how and where they were sourced, or even better, opt for synthetic dread extensions. 

Synth hair has come a long way, baby. Fake locks have never felt so light and real, are an excellent chemical free, non permanent option for adding colour, and are available in every natural and rainbow shade in the spectrum. Adding syth extenders to shorter natural dreads is an excellent, painless way to achieve that flowing Bob Marley mane immediately, and over time, extenders can be trimmed away, leaving only your naturally grown locks behind.

Learn more about our favourite synthetic hair, and where to buy premade synth dreads, in the excellent Knotty Boy Add Ons & Accessories tutorial.

Blue Purple Synthetic Dreads

Photo: Knotty Boy Facebook submission

Dreadlock Pin Up Rockabilly-Style Updo

Watch this quick tutorial by the fabulous Chescalocs for a super cute, rockabilly-style updo for Knotty ladies!

Add a bandana knotted on top to the side, or a Super Stretch Double Wrap or T Shirt Dreadband to smooth it all down and complete the look.


Chescalocs Rockabilly Pinup Style Updo

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