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Baby Dinosaur… Hair

These days most of us are doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint. From eating more locally-sourced food to grabbing our bikes over taking the car, we’re reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, thus saving money and helping keep the environment from swirling down the toilet.

But ever think about what gasoline by-products might also be lurking in your hair products, not to mention leaking into your bloodstream? Ew.

Here are a 3 common hair care ingredients that might be working against your best efforts.
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loc styles

Style Those Locks with a… Cut?!

Bored of those old, heavy dreads, but too attached to give them up?

How about an asymmetrical cut and a little colour? More pics here:

For the love of T Boz from TLC, tell us what to do when we’re sick to death of our locks! How do you make them feel fresh and different??

RIP Lewis Marnell, 1982-2013

“Skateboarding took a massive unexpected hit late last week, with the sad and untimely passing of Lewis Marnell.

Lewis’ mother issued the following statement over the weekend:

“FYI and to clear up any quandries relating to Lewis’ sad & untimely passing, he had a massive hypoglycemic reaction which did not respond to ingested glucose. He was at home and was discovered by his wife around 6.30 on Friday night Melb time. It was not possible to resuscitate him and we are all still trying to come to terms with this tragedy. We ask everybody to send out thoughts and prayers of love and comfort. Please keep his memory alive and let this not be a terrible waste.” ”

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knotty boy products

“Soakin’ up the sun with my beloved Knotty products!”

Knotty Kira C.

Photo: Knotty Boy Facebook submission


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Knotty Boy Peppermint Cooling spray for tattoos

New Ink? Try Knotty Boy Peppermint Cooling Moisture Spray

You know this stuff is great for irritated, flakey, itchy scalps…

So no big stretch to apply Knotty Boy Peppermint Cooling Moisture Spray to the rest of your skin, right?

Tingly Peppermint Oil and antibacterial Witch Hazel Extract soothe bug bites, sunburns and itchy new tattoos, too, with a quick spritz. Always a good idea to try a test patch if you think you might be sensitive to the Essential Oils, but if no further irritation, squirt away as needed without fear.

Knotty Boy Peppermint Cooling Moisture Spray

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