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NEW Tutorial Video: How to Remove Dreadlocks Without Cutting

We’re pleased as punch to announce our latest video tutorial showing how possible it IS to remove dreadlocks, mats and tangles, without having to reach for the scissors.

If you’ve ever thought about having locks, but the prospect of eventual baldy-ness has always kept you from making the dreadful leap, let Kris from The Dreadquarters show you, step by step, how you can now enjoy having, and then removing, locks with a little help from the magical Knotty Boy Dreadlock Emergency Removal Kit. Read more…

Dreadlock Pin Up Rockabilly-Style Updo

Watch this quick tutorial by the fabulous Chescalocs for a super cute, rockabilly-style updo for Knotty ladies!

Add a bandana knotted on top to the side, or a Super Stretch Double Wrap or T Shirt Dreadband to smooth it all down and complete the look.


Chescalocs Rockabilly Pinup Style Updo

Learn to lock like we do in breathtaking Vancouver, Canada!

School is back in session April 27-29, 2013.

An intensive two-day curriculum taught by Knotty Boy Stylist Trainers educates students in everything needed for professional Knotty Boy Method Dreadlock Creation and Ongoing Maintenance, as well as Dreadlock Repair, Extension and Modification. Knotty Boy Product education is also covered. Certificates of Completion are awarded at the end of Day 2.

An optional third day is offered for additional one-on-one practice with Stylist Trainers, as well as a Business Mentoring Q & A session discussing the basics of starting and growing a successful dreadlock styling business, for students wishing to further increase confidence in their new skills and future ventures.

Check out pricing, videos and further details here!


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Style Those Locks with a… Cut?!

Bored of those old, heavy dreads, but too attached to give them up?

How about an asymmetrical cut and a little colour? More pics here:

For the love of T Boz from TLC, tell us what to do when we’re sick to death of our locks! How do you make them feel fresh and different??