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Dylan Tremblay

OK folks, here’s Dylan – free-ride mountain biker extraordinaire. Hailing from Nelson, BC, Dylan’s life has become immersed with his passion for biking. Constantly living out of his backpack, he tours around from one trail to the next. Dylan’s been on the mountain biking scene now since he was a wee boy and his drive has given him many opportunities for his profession. He now has one of the most recognizable faces on the scene these days, due to his innovative riding skills in the “Drop In” extreme biking TV series. This series exposed him weekly to hundreds of thousands of households nationally and internationally. Dylan is currently on his way overseas to Austria to build a bike track for a large-scale race. Broken hand and all, he’s jumping on that plane for the love of biking! Ride on, Dylan!



Some funny little tidbits about Dylan….


Favorite chocolate bar? Lately I’ve been really diggin’ the Kit Kats but that’s just because I found a stash in my dad’s freezer.

Favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? Usually on a Sunday I’m sleeping in a bit depending on the festivities the night before, but regardless we will have the bikes rolling and be shredding trails before noon and shortly after chilling on the beach catching some rays of sunlight.

Favorite movie? I’m a big 80’s movie fan so I’m talking about like The Goonies and Never Ending Story, they’re such classics, the movies I grew up with when I was young. Oh ya, can’t forget about Labyrinth!

Favorite places I've been? I have been to some pretty kewl places in the past year but all and all my favorite place is still just chilling out and living and riding in the Kootnays.

Sweden had lots of pretty ladies though and New Zealand had some of the most luscious beautiful scenery I have ever seen.

Favorite quotes? Sometimes I wish I were you just so I could hang out with me.

Most embarrassing experience as a kid? Too many to remember.

Favorite reading material? When I have the time I’ll be indulging myself in a Dan Brown novel. As of right now I’m reading a Wilbur Smith book which is really intense, the descriptive death scenes run chills through my body.

Favorite article of clothing? I like my toques and hats. I just want every color and style that I can possible get my grubbly little paws on.


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