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How to Curl Dreadlocks

closeup of woman against an orange background with curled dark brown dreadlocks

Curling Dreadlocks

Before your transformation, a few tips on curler use:

The smaller the curler you choose, the tighter your curl will be. Avoid velcro rollers, which will catch and pull at your dreads. In fact, stay away from anything that isn't pretty smooth. We like flexible sponge rollers, which come in many sizes and lengths and can be easily secured without pins or ties.

A fine, mesh hair wrap is helpful if you plan to air-dry your hair (available at any drug store). It'll hold your hair in place without restricting air flow.

No curlers? Improvise! Soda cans, rag-rolling, pin-curling, braids can all be used. Have fun experimenting!

Detailed Instructions

tray of foam curlers and spray bottle

Step 1 - gather your gear


green and blue labelled 8 ounce jar of knotty boy locksteady tropical tightening gel

Step 2 - tightening gel

Starting with damp (not soaking wet!) hair, apply a small amount of Tightening Gel to a few dreads. This will give your curl a bit of hold, with the added bonus of helping keep your locks tight.

soft curler being held winding onto dreadlocks in a salon setting

Step 3 - curl

Starting at the ends, wrap a few locks around your curler to the root (depending on what you're using, you may only be able to fit one at a time) and secure it closed or tie in place. Continue until all your dreads are wrapped.

model having her hair dried under a salon dryer

Step 4 - dry

If you're lucky enough to own a hood dryer, have a seat until your dreads are dry all the way through. If you don't own a hood dryer, air drying or a hand dryer on a low setting. The weight of still-damp dreads, along with dreads' natural tendency to straightness will pull out any curl you've tried to achieve, so don't take out the curlers until your locks are totally dry.

smiling young woman with dark brown bangs and freshly-curled dreadlocks against an orange background

Step 5 - new do!

Once you've dried your locks, carefully unwrap your curlers and enjoy all that bouncing new texture. Share on social media because you're beautiful :)

side view of woman against an orange background with curled dark brown dreadlocks

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