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Curly Dread

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Photo Description:

This was a "wet set" that I did with my skinny, 7 month old locks using a bit of tropical tightening gel and a firm hold hairspray (Sexy Hair Spray n' Stay) on each lock, then winding each one around a white perm rod and sitting under a hood drier until they were dry. This was right after I uncoiled and fluffed them all out, but the wave lasted (somewhat relaxed) until I washed them again. I am a hairstylist based in Eugene, OR and you can find more of my work at

Photo Title: Curly Dread "Wet Set"

Name: Layla's Locks

Age: 33

Location: Eugene, OR

Hair Type: thick hair with loose wave/curls

Lock Type: natural dreadlocks (your own hair)

Lock Age: 7

Stylist: Hannah Griffin and me :)

Added: August 25, 2010

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