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Dreadly Weave

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Photo Description:

The DREADLY WEAVE!! Hah, yeah, I dunno. It's the best name i could come up with. And who knows, it may already have a name. Definately one of the easiest styles I've found. All it consists of is pretty much tying two dreads together at a time until you have none left to tie. I recommend starting with your two first dreads above your forehead. Pull them back as if your going to put them up in a pony tail, but instead tie them together behind your head. Work your way from front to back using this same method untile you've completed The DREADLY WEAVE!

Photo Title: Dreadly Weave

Name: Mike ___ Stone

Age: 25

Location: Blue Ridge Virginia

Hair Type: fine, straight

Lock Type: natural dreadlocks (your own hair)

Lock Age: 38

Stylist: I taught a girliefriend how to do it while she was doin' it

Added: February 22, 2010

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