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Jess' Grad Style

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I'll try to explain what I did, its kind of confusing though... Basically what I did was tie the back half of my hair in a high ponytail. Then I divided the front half into 3 sections. Then I criss crossed the sections to go to the opposite side and back, so that they are pulled back/ diagonally, and the ends can be tucked into the ponytail elastic so it stays. I started with the most back section (dreads nearest to the ponytail), then the left section, then the right (you can see how they overlap in the "top" img). I also left some dreads hanging in the front and on the side near the back section. Hopefully that made some sense, anyways, I think the site is great and love using knottyboy products, so thanks! Jess

Photo Title: Jess' Grad Style

Name: Jess

Age: 18

Hair Type: false

Lock Type: false

Added: July 13, 2009

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