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Knotty Wedding Style

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i 'randomly' tossed my hair up that morning. i had an idea of what i wanted it to look like, but i didn't know if it would work. i pinned each individual one up with bobbie pins, the big locks with the biggest pins i could find, and the smaller ones with regular size pins. i pinned them by the ends after twisting and rolling and whatevering them. my best friend tiffani put the yarrow in my hair. she just stuck the flowers in by their stems, no pins or anything. my crown of leaves was quite trickie as the flowers were dry, not fresh and supple. my hair stayed up really good thru the wedding and reception. it still kinda looked cool the next morning after sleeping on it with my hair still up. thank you for writing me back. i got a lot of cool ideas from the ideas you already have posted. right now i have pink yarn in for celebrating spring and the vernal equinox. thank you for your time. may all the blessings of the universe shine down upon your soul.

Photo Title: Knotty Wedding Style

Name: Brooke

Age: 0

Hair Type: false

Lock Type: false

Added: July 13, 2009

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