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All my life I've been that chick that asks people, "Dude, don't think me strange but... can I touch your hair?" LMAO! I just LOVE full-bodied hair, unlike what I've had...straight, almost Chinese-like hair. Then, only a few months ago, I said, "SCREW IT. I don't care if I work at a law firm, LOL, I'm getting dreads." Perhaps my boss doesn't care for them too much, but he's ANCIENT. LOL EVERYONE ELSE, on the other hand, absolutely loves them, as I've been stopped everywhere about them, including being stopped by a mother and her 8 yr. old daughter, who wanted tips because the daughter wanted dreads. #ParentingDoneRight ;) I believe in being yourself, and dreads truly captivate my personality; free, fun-loving, wise and absolutely DIFFERENT.

Photo Title: Love my SEXY dreads!! ;)

Name: Exotika

Age: 30-40

Location: Shelbyville, TN

Hair Type: fine, straight

Lock Age: 1-6 months

Stylist: A friend

Added: April 04, 2016

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