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My version of a loopy half dreadhawk =)

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Photo Description:

I have some escaped dreads in this picture because i was at dance, but i love it so much i had to choose it anyways =) I came up with this style one morning inspired by the dreadhawk, and I have been addicted ever since! It is very simple and quick to do and i think it looks pretty sweet. All I do is section my dreads into 3 sections more or less at the back of my head. I then tie each section together using some near by dreads. So I would now have 3 ponies. Then I take each section and loop it downward and pin the inside of the loop with 2 pins per section. And there you go! A loopy half dreadhawk has suddenly appeared! I hope you enjoy this hairstyle as much as I do!

Photo Title: My version of a loopy half dreadhawk =)

Name: Knotty Kelsey

Age: 18

Hair Type: thick hair with loose wave/curls

Lock Type: natural dreadlocks (your own hair)

Lock Age: 3

Stylist: Megan, my fellow belly dancer =)

Added: August 28, 2009

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