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Sexy Red Locks

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Photo Description:

I've colored my front locks red for the summer and I love it. I want to try a purple ombre next....maybe for winter. In an attempt to keep my locks out of the way when cleaning, I leaned forward, gathered them all at the crown of my head my funky new do was born. That long one in the front....I love that one. My locks have just gotten to a point where I am comfortable wearing a ponytail. One day in the near future, I want to try the Lock Removal Kit and re-lock....just slightly thinner so I can have magnificent curls that last a while.

Photo Title: Sexy Red Locks

Name: Candis

Age: 30-40

Location: Monroe, Ga

Hair Type: thick hair with kinky, tight curls

Lock Age: 5+ years

Stylist: Hair stylist in Florida

Added: June 26, 2015

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