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Swoopy up dooo

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Photo Description:

i had my grad night n wanted to look more formal....i had died my dreds here n there with blonde hair color i think it looks cooler you just take your dreds and twist um to the side one side or 2 or 3 this pic i did like 3 then take hair chopsticks or just reg chinses food ones i have used those b4 or pens...and just stick one thru two of your dreds and do the same on the other side so they end up in an X....basiaclly just mess around with the chopsticks i wore my hair like this all the time.

Photo Title: Swoopy up dooo

Name: measha

Age: 21

Location: mass

Hair Type: thick, straight

Lock Type: natural dreadlocks (your own hair)

Lock Age: 8

Stylist: MUAH!

Added: February 02, 2010

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