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Edmonton Journal

full page scan of newspaper article on knotty boy company, showing excellent picture of happy person tossing their dreads in the centre of the page and concentrating hairstylist, Wendy, at upper left

The Edmonton Journal wrote an article "untangling the difference between real and fake 'locks" and, naturally, came to us for an interview on the subject:

Vancouver's Knotty Boy markets dread products, styling and removable extensions made from organic and synthetic materials.

Founder Adrianna Hepper believes demand is partially linked to the popularity of hip-hop and rap-metal.

"I've got a sense that the majority do it as an anti-conformity statement," Hepper says.

"They are trying to make a statement and show they're concerned with deeper issues than appearances."

Hepper concedes extensions fulfill a customer's desire for instant gratification. But she insists radical extensions can be even more in keeping with individuality.

"It's a service for people who find regular dreads too tame or difficult to maintain," she says, noting Europe's blossoming cyber-goth movement features wildly coloured dread wigs and elaborate extensions complemented by dramatic make-up. "These are people who are using themselves as a canvas for creative expression."

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