Starting dreads, but just not sure what you'll need?

We've done the hard work for you by putting together the bare essentials for starting locks from scratch (and in larger Kits, a few fun extras), at a discount!

Incredible locks
in weeks, not years.

Create and maintain beautiful locks in any hair type easier, faster, and cleaner with Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Care products.

Pure ingredients, simple instructions and limitless customer support. Think Dreadlocks, Think Knotty Boy - the Original Since 1998!


Jane Magazine

scanned image of colourful magazine page featuring knotty boy dreadlock shampoo bar

The original Knotty Boy Dread Shampoo Bar had an orange label, which got us featured in Jane Magazine's "Orange you glad we didn't say banana?" products review.

Why the sexist title? Knotty Boy Dread Shampoo Bar doesn't really help you start dreadlocks, but it's packed with essential oils (like tea tree and peppermint) to help fight itchy scalp and dandruff. (

Knotty note: while the Dread Shampoo Bar isn't for creating dreadlocks, it does help new dreadlocks mature by cleaning the scalp and hair, thus washing away natural oil buildup that can actually hinder the locking process.

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