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Incredible locks
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Sidney Sider Blog

stepped array of knotty boy all purpose shampoo bars stretching away, first in line is the tahitian vanilla shot with a yellowish filter

Joelle, photographer, blogger, and all around amazing woman, shares her secrets for staying grounded and says "thank you" to Knotty Boy. We feel so loved!

"When I'm feeling down I like to turn my attention to things that I am grateful for. It is easy to become overwhelmed with all of life's stresses and lose sight of what the aim is. When I find myself doing this I try to refocus on the things that make me happy and are humbling. It is difficult to stay sad or grumpy when you are thinking about the things you love and that love you back.

I am grateful for Knotty Boy. A Canadian company that makes the BEST dreadlock products around! I've had dreads for over eight years and Knotty Boy has never disappointed me, in their customer service or their high quality products. Knotty Boy keeps my locks clean, tight, and smelling fresh, and for that I am super grateful."

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