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The Westender

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There are three social myths about dreadlocks that Adrianna Hepper would like to dispel: "Just because someone has dreadlocks doesn't mean he's dirty, has lice or is an unmotivated pot-smoker."

The 26-year-old founder of Knotty Boy dreadlock products insists that regularly washing those thick, felt-like locks is in fact encouraged to keep the dreads nice, tight and in place.

"It's not a dirty, stinky hair-style: in fact, letting the natural oils in your hair build up softens the dreads and ultimately loosens them up," she says. "You still need to take showers when you have dreads!"

Hepper never originally get out to become the "Debbie Travis of Dreadlocks," but while living in Saltspring Island discovered the formula to a cleaner and more stylish dreadlock do.

"My boyfriend at the time was looking for an easier and better-looking way to have dreadlocks other than the old way of letting the hair grow, not washing it and letting it mat naturally," she says. "We looked all over for a product that would make the process a lot easier, but there was nothing available."

She was cooking up her own body products at the time, so Hepper started experimenting with beeswax, hempseed oil and almond oil. The results were a simple formula, that with only a few minor alterations, now makes up the increasingly popular Knotty Boy dreadlock hair wax.

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