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This is Kostas givin’ it all with his world beat reggae band, Kostaman. He definitely keeps himself busy showing us all what we can do for the world through music. He’s doing the rounds in Whistler, BC mostly these days and has plans to do a summer tour and spread the word in some of BC’s most prominent festivals this year.

Kostaman is involved in many charity projects and community hoopla around Vancouver and Whistler. Their seven piece band is funky, danceable and full of inspiration. They just finished a show that they were invited to do for the Telus World Ski and Snowboard festival up in Whistler playing alongside internationally-acclaimed artists such as Toots and the Maytals, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Xavier Rudd and many others. (Don’t think he got us any autographs, though…boo!)


The band is very much involved in community and started their own charitable society in October 2005 called Bands Against Hunger. Their goal is to grow a musical family around the world and work as a collective to raise funds and awareness for humanitarian issues.


Kostaman released their first E.P., “Setting Roots”, in December 2005 and is now working on their next recording project. Check out their website and bend an ear to a couple of their tunes. You will knot be let down!


Some funny little tidbits about Kostas….


Favorite chocolate bar? Strawberry shortcake.

Favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? Relaxing : ) and playing music.

Favorite movie? Comedy, The Princess Bride

Favorite places I've been? Whistler, BC – Miami, FL – Lesbos, Greece – Rio, Brazil

Favorite quotes? “Life is what you do about the things that happen to you.”

Most embarrassing experience? Recently at a show with the Long Beach Short Bus,

(aka.Sublime) I was standing behind the stage watching the show, when all of a sudden the music stops. Everyone starts to look around and soon the singer discovers that I had stepped on the power cable and unplugged it. I was very embarrassed.

Favorite reading material? Bios, fiction, most recently The Alchemist

Favorite article of clothing? My KB wear, of course.

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