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Teresa Gomm - President of the University of British Columbia (UBC) Skim Club

Teresa Gomm’s been skim boarding for 2 years now. Recently she started her own boarding club at the University Of British Columbia to promote skim boarding in the community. It currently holds over 70 members, yup, not bad for their first year! She’s currently sponsored by Knotty Boy as well as Skim Gurl clothing company based out of California, and Zed skim boards, a BC board company. Teresa has won 1 st place in various competitions around BC, and has had interviews and articles written about her and her lovely locks, which just so happened to be born at the Knotty Boy Lock Shop and Salon!

Some funny little tidbits about Teresa…

Favorite chocolate bar? Coffee crisp, or anything dark.

Favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? Skim (but that’s my favorite thing to do every afternoon)

Favorite movie? Wayne’s World

Favorite places I've been? Oahu… and potentially Portugal (I’ll let you know when I get back.)

Favorite quotes? “Become the change you seek in the world.” - Gandhi

Most embarrassing experience as a kid? I’m still a kid… so I guess this one counts:

Most embarrassing experience as a kid? I’m still a kid… so I guess this one counts:

My first skimboarding competition ever, we arrive late and don’t have a chance to try out the tide pool. I jump right into the heat and throw the board down for my first run. All eyes are on me, waiting to see what the only girl in the competition will do… I jump on, my board digs in and SPLAT… right on my face. Apparently it was a pretty shallow tide pool. I’m sure they were all hoping I wouldn’t try any rails, for the sympathy pains of watching that would be unbearable. On the bright side… I got some pretty good cheers for it.

Favorite reading material? The latest issue of any kind of board mag.

Favorite article of clothing? My plaid boardies.

"Knotty Boy products rock my world! Thanks to Knotty Boy, my dreads are nice and tight, and smell awesome, too. Getting them done and kept up at the Headquarters was a super good idea too, the girls there are pro and really knowledgeable... not to mention the fact that I was in hysterics the entire time - entertaining to the max!" - Knotty Teresa

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