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Bjork Buns

side view of woman in white camisole with neutral expression showing tightly wrapped bunches of dreadlocks
woman smiling slightly up at camera showing front view of hairstyle featuring tightly wrapped buns of dreadlocks

How could we not include the ever famous Bjork buns!? This 'do' may not work so well for those of you with super firm dreads - your dreads need to be a little bendy to pull this one off. For some Big Time Dreaduality, grab 3 - 4 dreads (depending on the size you want the buns to be) and twist them around until they are nice and tight, slap an elastic or two over it and, presto-chango, you have a bun! Repeat until your whole head is done.

woman looking up at and slightly away from camera showing her bangs, feathered and decorated bunches of dreadlocks in buns behind her head

As you can see, we were digging feathers the night we took these pics so they've been added to the front, then looped strings of sequins around the buns to create that Midsummer Night's Dread effect. You can change it up by wrapping ribbons, string or grasses around them, or you just add cool elastics.

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