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Dread Bunches

smiling woman with blonde dreadlocks bunched into two parts held together by green ribbons
woman lookint to right of camera with bunched pigtailed dreadlocks held together by green ribbons tied in bows

This is a fairly simple 'do anyone can wear - substitute bands or WHY for ribbon. To begin, part your dreads down the middle, or to the side if that suits you better. Lift one side up to the height you want it and holding it firmly in place, wrap an elastic around the bunch until it feels secure. Do the same to the other side - try to make sure they are even and not all lop-sided and wonky. Try pulling each bunch part-way through the elastic to create more puffy bunches, keeping the ends tucked in.

woman looking to the right of camera and upwards wearing spiky collar and blonde dreadlocks in bunches held up by black scrunchies

We added green ribbon by simply tying it around each bunch. We also took a threaded necklace and wore it as a tiara to add a little fairy dust to it. This was just our version, but you can do many other things using dread bunches such as adding beads, bobbles, flowers or wrapping them up in fabric. Another variation is wrapping the ends at your scalp for a firmer, more solid form. Once they're wrapped up, secure with a hair band and decorate!

smirking woman in black camisole with blonde dreadlocks held into two bunches by black scrunchies

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