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front view of lock hawk hairstyle
side view of dreadlock mohawk hairstyle modelled by young woman with dyed blonde dreadlocks wearing green shirt in front of arbor

"This is a punk-rock version of the favorite-of-the-stars hairstyle the 'bouffant'. Also called, and I prefer this term, the pompadour. (I try to work the word pompadour into my day-to-day conversations as much as possible). Enough about pompadours and bouffants - on to the Lock-Hawk.

Start at the top-front of your head, gathering up all your drangs (dread bangs), and all the dreads bordering your face, plus a few going a bit back. Play around with the amount you grab here, as the more you grab, the larger your pompadour will be. I prefer a sizable pompadour, but pompadour size is purely your own pompadour preference. Now, with the gathered dreads, pull them all straight up, so that they are all taut and in the air. Begin twisting them - not too tight, not too loose. Lay the twisted dreads down on your head, pointing back.

back view of lock hawk hairstyle modelled by young woman in front of trellis

To get a 'poufier' pompadour, sort of push the twist forward, and loosen it up, holding it in place at the top of your head. To hold the pompadour in place, grab a loose dread on either side of the point where you want the pompadour fastened. Use these dreads to tie the pompadour down in place, at the point where you've been holding it in place (use the simple criss-cross tie that you start the shoe-tying process off with). It may not seem like enough, but you'd be surprised by the hold of this tried and true little knot!

Now, the next part of this style is fairly straight-forward. Grab a few loose dreads on either side of the top of the trailing pompadour (right next to where it is fastened down), and tie them together using the criss-cross knot again. Now move down to the next loose dreads, and repeat the criss-cross tying, only this time, cross-criss - flip the opposite bunch of dreads under during the tying process so that you are alternating the 'sticky-outy' side, and making a more even Lock-Hawk. Continue going down the hawk criss-crossing and cross-crissing your way to the end, until there are no more loose dreads. You now have a Lock-Hawk (hopefully)! If you don't, I apologize for my poor instructions!"

submitted by Knotty Brianna

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