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The Elvish Queen

rear view of dreadlock style tied with chopsticks to create a swept back look
woman in front of bamboo divider with parted dreadlocked blonde hair

Watched Lord of The Rings one too many times? Looking for something a little more natural or even Elvish? Check this one out - Galadriel will have to deal with not being Prom Queen this year..

Take the front/sides of the hair and secure it in the back, leaving the majority of the hair hanging down. We then tucked in any loose hairs or ends of dreads and added some chopsticks and a tiara (another strand of tiny sparkly beads). Adding some flowers, feathers or shells to this look creates a really natural looking dread-do, not to mention it's super pretty and elegant.

This style can work for anyone looking for a more formal look. If your dreads are long enough, just grab all the dreads at each side of your face, tie them back in a knot and decorate with twisted grass, dandelions, twigs, leaves, feathers..

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