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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for stopping by! These questions and answers are a compilation of many years of dialogue between you, our friends and customers, and ourselves, your humble Knotty Boy Customer Service department.

Almost everything we know about dreadlocks is here, so dig in!

Dreadlock Creation down

Before You Lock Your Hair

how to dread slippery hair? block

how will my new dreads look? block

is sweat a hygiene concern? block

can dreadlocks cause balding? block

what if I have to wear a helmet? block

can I get fired for having dreadlocks? block

will my hair be shorter? block

should I get my hair cut beforehand? block

do I need to stop washing my hair? block

should I colour my hair beforehand? block

will I need to shave my head if I don't like my dreads? block

how much maintenance is required? block

can I have dreadlocks with bangs? block

what can you tell me about dreadlock history? block

Dreadlocking Techniques

can I lock my hair myself? block

can I have temporary dreads? block

what about just one dread? block

are dreads, twists, locks, braids all different? block

how can I get phat dreads? block

how can I get thin dreads? block

can I dreadlock my layered hair? block

how long does my hair need to be? block

can I have dreadlocks in asian hair? block

can I dread very thick hair? block

do I have to use wax? block

what about rubber bands on my roots? block

will smaller locks combine into large ones? block

will my dreads stick up? block

what do I need to dread my hair? block

what is a dread perm? block

should I section a part into my dreads? block

will my new hair growth be dreaded? block

Dreadlock Maintenance down

New Dreadlocks - to 6 Months

can I go swimming with dreadlocks? block

can I wear a bandanna over my dreads? block

can I wax my hair if it's wet? block

how to make a dreadlock accelerator? block

what can I do about bumps and loops? block

how can I protect my dreads while sleeping? block

how do I stop my dreads from flattening? block

how long until I can shampoo again? block

how often should I shampoo? block

how often should I wax my dreads? block

I started with the neglect method and I need help block

I applied too much dread wax block

why do I have oily buildup on my scalp? block

will my scalp always be so visible? block

will the Wax stay in my hair? block

should I trim the undreaded tips? block

what can I do about undreaded tips? block

will my roots ever dread up? block

what can I do about itchy scalp? block

why do my dreads still look puffy and limp? block

what are these red spots on my scalp? block

will I still be able to clean my scalp? block

Mature Dreadlocks - 6 Months +

how do I know when my dreads are mature? block

how do I maintain mature dreadlocks? block

how do I get sand out of my dreads? block

how to keep my dreads out of my face? block

how do I adorn my dreadlocks? block

I shampoo every day, why do my dreads smell bad? block

how can I work loose hair back in? block

my bleached locks are getting brittle and dry block

why are my dreads combining? block

why aren't my dreadlocks getting longer? block

why are the roots thinner than the locks? block

should I still be waxing? block

what can I do about undreaded tips? block

how do I combine two dreads into one? block

what can I do about undreaded roots? block

How to colour my dreads? block

Product Questions down

General Product Questions

do your products have a shelf life? block

are your products cruelty free? block

are your products nut free? block

are your products gluten free? block

are your products corn free? block

are your products vegan? block

why do you use palm oil in your products? block

are your products colour safe? block

what does 'all natural' mean? block

do you have anything for people without dreads? block

Dreadlock Wax

can I use the wax if I don't have dreads? block

will the wax make my hair fall out? block

does the wax attract dust? block

how long should I be waxing for? block

how much wax do I need? block

will the wax irritate sensitive skin? block

can I use the wax to turn braids into dreads? block

what colour of wax should I use? block

should I wax after shampooing? block

wax or tightening gel for starting dreads? block

why does the wax have clumps? block

how does the wax create dreadlocks? block

if the wax isn't water soluble how does it wash out? block

are the jar and wax stick the same? block

how long will the dread wax take to dry? block

Locksteady Tropical Tightening Gel

when should I use the gel? block

how do I use the gel? block

can I use the gel without shampooing first? block

will the gel affect my coloured hair? block

Ultimate Detangler

can I use the detangler as my every day conditioner? block

can I use the detangler to remove my dreads? block

can I use the detangler to take down matted hair? block

Dreadlock Shampoo

how long until I can shampoo? block

can I use the shampoo if I don't have dreads? block

can I use the All Purpose Shampoo Bar instead? block

what's the best way to wash my dreads? block

liquid and bar shampoo - what's the difference? block

Peppermint Cooling Spray

what is the cooling spray used for? block

the itch has gone, what to do with this stuff now? block

Knot-Tea Scalp Tonic

you guys make tea now? block

how do I use the knot teas? block

Dreadlock Conditioning Spray

I thought conditioning was bad for new locks? block

Dreadlock Removal down

The Emergency Dreadlock Removal Kit

how do I use the removal kit? block

how long will it take? block

what condition will my hair be in afterward? block

how many kits do I need? block

I'm done, what to do with the remainder? block

is all this loose hair normal? block

how is this different from any other conditioner? block

can this take down my severely matted hair? block

what kind of comb to use? block

Ordering & Shipping down

Get Some

do you offer next-day shipping? block

can I phone in my order? block

when will my order arrive? block

is Knotty Boy sold in stores? block

why am I being charged duties or tax? block

why is your shipping so expensive? block

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