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Giving back



Knotty Boy is a little company with big purpose beyond profits! Supporting our community and contributing to charities close to our hearts are efforts deeply rooted in the Knotty Boy Vision and Values and are just some of the small ways we try to walk the walk, putting our words into real action. Equally important to us is setting an example as an ethical business by taking responsibility for our planet and resources, so Knotty Boy believes giving back first begins with being good to the Earth.


From the ethically-sourced ingredients in our products to the eco-friendly packaging we ship them to you in, we are proud to say everything used in Knotty Boy products biodegrades or bypasses the growing landfills polluting our planet. Knowing that our products are scary-chemical free, and harmless to our customers and our Earth, allows us to rest easy at night knowing we can be fully accountable to the Knotty family.

One of the most rewarding ways Knotty Boy gives back is by sponsoring an extended family of children in developing countries with clothing, education and meals they otherwise would not have had through a small, ethical non-profit called CHER (Child Health, Education & Relief). Receiving photos, report cards, handwritten letters and doodles from the children we sponsor is one of the strongest affirmations in giving we've experienced. Since 1998, Knotty Boy has sponsored numerous children, and since November 2005, so very many of you, our lovely customers, have consistently contributed $1 upon order check-out to help us continue assisting these deserving kids.

Because there are so many important causes close to each of our hearts, every year 10% of Knotty Boy's net profits are divided among a number of charities the Knotty Boy staff agrees upon together. This allows every member of the team to be personally involved in our contributions, as each of us plays an important role in helping Knotty Boy be the company we are.

Most importantly, we want to acknowledge and deeply thank YOU, Knotty family! It would not be possible to give locally or globally if it were not for you choosing Knotty Boy, and by doing so, choosing to help make the world a better place, one small purchase at a time.


Charities We Support:



For a list of worthy charities we've supported in the past, click here

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