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Day 1


Congratulations on your new dreadlocks, and welcome to the Knotty Family!

Whether you started them at home, or had some help from a salon, like Michael here, your journey from the hair you've always had to the hair you've always wanted starts today.


Maintenance Techniques

From now on, how great your new locks look will be completely in your hands - and we mean that literally! In the beginning stages you'll be continuing to backcomb, twist, and palm roll on a daily basis. Never underestimate the power of the palm roll; not only will it keep your dreads shaped nicely, but it also provides the friction needed to tighten existing knots and create new ones. To palm roll, section out one dreadlock at a time and roll it vigorously between your hands from root to tip. If in the coming days you need to add a touch more Dread Wax, palm rolling's the best way to get it where it needs to go.

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Dreadlock Starter Kit

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Knotty Boy Peppermint Cooling Spray

A go-to from the get-go, Knotty Boy Peppermint Cooling Spray instantly eases itchy scalp and new-dread discomfort.
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1. You've been backcombing, twisting and pulling on your head for... how many hours now? And judging by the amount of "we broke all our combs!" emails we get, not everyone gets the "go easy" memo. Do yourself a solid and pick up some Peppermint Cooling Spray. It's minty tingle cools down hot, irritated scalps - instantly. Even keep it in the fridge, we do! Use as much as you like, but remember, never apply Wax on top of damp (ie. freshly-sprayed) hair.

2. Trying to drift off might be more difficult than usual. We've found binding new locks down for the first night or two really helps keep the roots tight to your scalp and in the direction you started them, so they're less likely to pull in uncomfortable directions. It also minimizes any Dread Wax transferring to your face or pillow, which is pretty awesome. If you find yourself still waiting for the Sandman, try to find one of those horseshoe airplane pillows. They support the neck and take some of the pressure off your head.

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