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Here you will find all kinds of step by step tutorials on how to get dreads including creating, maintaining and even styling them. Whether you've just decided you want to try them, or have had your locks for a while, we've got something for you. We also know many of you have tricks you could teach us, too, so check below how you can send in your very own tutorials to be featured on our page!

How to Dread

How to Dread hair Tutorials

How to Make Dreadlocks

How to Make Dreadlocks
{Getting Started}

This is where it all begins, folks. Learn step by step how to get dreads and grow them into a fine head of gorgeous, healthy locks!

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How to Maintain Dreadlocks

How to Maintain Dreadlocks
{It's Not an Oxymoron}

Once you've learned how to get dreads, now what? Try this straightforward maintenance routine to get your dreadlocks exactly the way you want them, as quick as possible.

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How To Wash Dreads

How To Wash Dreads
{Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Jump In That Tub}

Clean dread are happy dreads. A few minutes once a week will keep your dreads feeling fresh and smellin' sweet.

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How to Maintain Dreadlocks

How to Remove Dreadlocks Without Cutting
{Put Away Those Scissors!}

Learn how to remove dreads and tangles of any age, from ANY hair type, with Knotty Boy Dread Removal Kit. Enjoy loose, flowing locks without having to cut!

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How to Curl Dreadlocks

How to Curl Dreadlocks
{Get Twisted}

Yes, it's possible to curl your locks! We'll teach you how to get twisted in 6 easy steps. Bust out Grandma's curlers and get rolling.

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Root Maintenance
{Tighten At The Top}

A few simple steps for keeping the new growth at the roots tidy 'n' tight.

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blunt end dreads

Tips for Tips
{Bluntly Speaking}

Here's our step by step, oh-my-stars-isn't-this-the-easiest-thing guide to getting your messy, loose tips blunted up.

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Dreadlock Styles

Simple Knotted Up-Do
{How Can You Knot?}

Ahoy! Channel your inner sailor and get familiar with tying some knots - with your locks. These basic knots can be tied in various fun ways to create many a 'do.

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Dread Sleeve

Add Ons & Accessories
{Deco Them Dreads}

Beads and sleeves and coils, oh my! It doesn't take a wizard to find easy ways to dress up those lovely locks. Just follow the orange link below...

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Removing Wax From Dreads

How To Remove Too Much Wax From Dreads
{Address The Excess}

Over-waxed and over-taxed? Follow our simple step by step instructions to rid your dreads of excess wax and get those locks back on track.

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Felting Dreadlocks
{Never Felt So Good}

A quick and easy, chemical-free way to add vibrant or subtle permanent colour to your locks with coloured wool. Avoiding chemicals never felt so good.

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