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Frequently Asked Questions...and Answers!

These questions and answers are a compilation of many years of dialogue between you and our helpful Knotty Boy Customer Service department. We can say with confidence that everything we know about dreadlocks and their related issues really is here, so please take your time, read thoroughly and get ready to learn so much more than you came for!

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Knotty Boy Concept Salon

The Dreadquarters

If you're not ready to commit your hair to dreads quite yet but love the look, synthetic dreadlocks are an option. We use the highest quality hair available, offering chemical-free installation of custom coloured locks. Unlike natural dreads, you won't need to wax or retwist them, and your own hair is protected underneath. Synth dreads... Read More »

People are always amazed at the results they get with our Emergency Removal Kit (and we use the exact same product in the shop) but sometimes it just really helps to have that extra set of hands! Professional dreadlock removal costs $75.00 per hour. More than any of our services, Dreadlock Removal depends on so many factors: how long you've... Read More »

The Dreadquarters is Knotty Boy's one-of-a-kind Concept Salon, stocking every single one of our tried and true natural dreadlock care products. If you pop in, you may even get to test-drive a new one that hasn't hit the market just yet! The Dreadquarters also stocks a great selection of specialty hats, dread bands, and dread beads... Read More »

We need a minimum of 6 inches hair length to start dreads in the Salon. Can't wait that long? We can start dreads with Human Hair Extensions at 4 inches! We'll book you for two days back-to-back, so you won't have to walk around with short little stubby locks for long! Day 1: We'll section and dread your natural hair. See here for details.... Read More »

For natural dreadlocks without extensions or other services involved, we charge $300.00 for the first 6 hours, and $50.00 for each additional hour. Most services for creationof "average" sized locks will be completed in six hours, but this cannot be guaranteed - every head is different! Extra long hair, extra dense hair, and extra small... Read More »

You have a couple of different options for lengthening your dreads. We offer both Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions and Synthetic Dread Extenders. Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions are installed using the same chemical free technique we use to start natural locks. They are absolutely seamless, and with our custom blending for colour, they'll... Read More »

Read More »

Sure thing! We love to hear from you! In fact, we require at least a telephone consultation before most services - we want you to be more than satisfied with your service. Give us a call on 1-877-566-8748, or message us on Facebook Read More »

Human Hair Extensions are a great option for lengthening your hair, or for adding density and volume. We add hair in individual sections which blend seamlessly with your natural hair, using no glues or chemicals. This service requires a consultation for colour and texture matching prior to booking. A note on human extension hair: There are... Read More »

We're glad you asked! Getting your locks created by us at The Dreadquarters will get you much tighter locks that mature much faster. Starting with actual knots already formed, minimal product is needed to help with the inevitable frizz, rather than a larger amount to help hold your dreads together. A typical weekly routine would look... Read More »

Goodbye Knotty Boy Lock Shop & Salon - Hello Dreadquarters! After seven wonderful years of providing our signature dreadlock services to Vancouver and the world, it is with true pleasure that Knotty Boy Lock Shop & Salon announces the passing of Salon ownership to none other than our very own well-loved Knotty Boy stylist and trainer,... Read More »

We offer all the dread-related services you'd expect, and probably a few you wouldn't! But seriously, the Dreadquarters, our Knotty Boy Concept Salon, is a licensed salon staffed by professional, fully accredited stylists who can updo your updo or downgrade your dread hawk or wedding-day your mop-top and anything in between. From grunge to... Read More »

Most dreads get started using a version of the backcomb-and-wax method we share in our Knotty Boy video tutorial. The knots are held together by Dread Wax, and by your constant attention. Dreads started by our stylists are woven using our proven and professional techniques, resulting in a very tightly locked dreads from day one which mature... Read More »

The Dreadquarters is located in Vancouver, Canada 1721 Grant StreetVancouver, BCV5L 2Y6604-473-96511-877-566-8748Click here for map Read More »

That's an excellent question! If you get your hair done at The Dreadquarters, you're going to be having the time of your life with one of their awesome and talented stylists. All staff are classically trained hairdressers who chose the path of least lameness in life. They've undergone rigorous training, and are handpicked from the best of... Read More »

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