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Frequently Asked Questions...and Answers!

These questions and answers are a compilation of many years of dialogue between you and our helpful Knotty Boy Customer Service department. We can say with confidence that everything we know about dreadlocks and their related issues really is here, so please take your time, read thoroughly and get ready to learn so much more than you came for!

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Maintenance of Mature Locks (6 months +)

Tips and tricks for older locks.

Yikes. Well, we'd suggest washing it a few times to get out any wax that might be sticking around, since the sand will just stick to it. then get your hair really REALLY dry and shake your dreads out good. There's no way you'll get it all out in one go, but you'll get the bulk out. Read More »

You're pretty lucky, dreadhead. If you don't have a hair tie you can tie your hair with your hair! Just take two locks from around your face and tie them together around the rest. Instant hairband. For short hair, check out our Hats and Wraps page. And that's just the beginning. Check out the Dread Styles page for all sorts of advice from other... Read More »

Mature locks will hold together without the aid of product, and are firm to the touch. You won't be able to pull them apart with your fingers, and you no longer need to backcomb and palmroll daily. Read More »

Just slide 'em on up a dread of the appropriate size. If you have a shell or trinket you want to add, you can try tying it in with thread, or even sewing it in--run the needle through your dread and then tie it off. Read More »

I think we can all agree that washing your hair is a really great idea - but you, my friend, have a case of "too much of a good thing"! Your dreads smell funky for a very simple reason: they aren't getting dry. YES, you should totally wash your locks BUT they must get 100% dry, all the way to the middle, before you wet them again.... Read More »

The easiest and most effective way to get stray loose hairs back into your lock is to palmroll while damp with Locksteady Tightening Gel. If you aren't into using product, go ahead and palmroll when wet anyways - you'll get the most bang for your buck. When hair is wet it's very elastic, which makes it easier for you to control the shape of your... Read More »

A few preventative tips for the chemically inclined:1) If only your roots need colour, only colour your roots! Slopping the leftover colour onto the rest of your hair will only cause needless damage. Isolate the sections you don't wish to colour using some KB Dread Wax.2) Rinse thoroughly. VERY thoroughly. 3) Platinum (or white hair) is... Read More »

Dreads will try to merge with the ones around them if you aren't careful! It can happen down the body of the dread with just a little loose hair, or at untended roots. In either case, you can separate them by pulling the individual locks apart, down to the scalp. This will totally hurt - so try to be as gentle as possible! If you are very VERY... Read More »

You probably won't see growth immediately, as your shedding hair and regrowth are busy tangling up around each other. Once your hair starts really dreading solid, the length comes pretty quick. If you are regular with your palmrolling, the length is more noticeable. If your locks are all kinked up, of course you won't see it as fast. There's... Read More »

Weakened roots can be caused by a few different things. Dreadlocks are created by capturing and knotting the hair that is naturally shed from your scalp into the dread you have created. Because of this, the lock grows in mass as well as length. If you have started with very small sections, it's possible that the weight of the lock is now too... Read More »

If your dreads are mature, you no longer need to be backcombing and palmrolling them daily. Your new routine will look something like this:1) wash once weekly2) palmroll while still damp with Tightening Gel3) wait til 100% dry all the way through4) palmroll with a very small amount of wax, if desired.At this point, we recommend switching to the... Read More »

The wax is meant to be used in the initial stages of the locking process, keeping your backcombing together and allowing you to wash your hair as normal. Once your locks are holding on their own (which with consistent palmrolling should be well before the one year mark), we recommend switching out the KB Dread Wax for the Tightening Gel as your... Read More »

Take the undreaded end and 'backcomb' it lightly with your fingers--just push the loose hair back towards the dread (if you have a lot, you can use a comb.) Scrub the backcombed tip around in the palm of your hand until you've got a nice knot, and then you can wax and palmroll the whole dread from the root as usual. Read More »

In the case of mature locks, you need to focus on the root of your dread. (Chances are that nothing you do to the actual dreads themselves will stick.) It'll leave you with a bit of a forked lock until it grows out, but it'll mean a new larger lock growing in. Newer locks can be partially undone and backcombed together for a more uniform look.... Read More »

As long as your hair is growing, you will have roots. The best way to get them in line is to add a little 'root rubbing' to your palmrolling routine. Take each individual dreadlock by it's base, making sure you aren't crossing hairs over from other sections. Rub the sections gently against your scalp in all different directions (don't hurt... Read More »

Lumps and bumps may be a part of your locks for a some time...if not always. Tightly felted locks with no stray hairs or inconsistencies are only achieved with time, patience, and regular attention. Palmrolling damp locks (with or without the Tightening Gel) is the best way to keep loops and bumps in check, and to prevent new ones from... Read More »

The gel could potentially have an impact on the colour due to the pH level. Generally, hair care products designed to not affect colour are Acidic, around pH 4. We have tried to keep our products pH neutral (around 6.5 for the Gel) so they are non-irritating. Acidic products that are left on the hair can be irritating to the scalp if you already... Read More »

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