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Frequently Asked Questions...and Answers!

These questions and answers are a compilation of many years of dialogue between you and our helpful Knotty Boy Customer Service department. We can say with confidence that everything we know about dreadlocks and their related issues really is here, so please take your time, read thoroughly and get ready to learn so much more than you came for!

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Knotty Boy Dread Wax

Yes, and we've heard from quite a few people who do not have dreadlocks, but use Knotty Boy Dread Wax to help create their own unique style. We often hear that people have thrown out their gels and sprays and only use Knotty Boy for their frizzy, fly-away hair because it leaves their hair with a soft, thicker texture, rather than a crispy... Read More »

No. Hair loss is caused by overall health, genetic predisposition, or a combination of these. Our customers have been using our wax for nearly two decades, and not one case of hair loss is known to be caused by it. If you have a strong, healthy noggin of locks, you don't have too much to worry about. Read More »

Although it is beeswax-based, Knotty Boy Dread Wax does not attract any more dust or lint than any other hair product. Freshly waxed locks are slightly tacky for the first day or so, after application, but won't attract lint or dust unless too much is used, or you're in a very dirty or dusty environment without your dreads covered up.... Read More »

We recommend using Dread Wax for the first six months, or however long it takes your locks to fully knot up or 'nap'. With consistent backcombing of of the ends and palm-rolling, most locks no longer benefit from waxing after the first three months. Wax can be used afterward for mostly cosmetic reasons, helping to tame the frizzies and... Read More »

One 4oz / 115ml jar of Dread Wax will be enough to lock up the average user's hair to start, with enough left over weeks, if not months of maintenance. For very long or very thick manes, or for very thin (many, small) dreads, more may be required. Read More »

Our Wax contains no chemical additives or fragrances - what you smell when you open a jar is pure beeswax. As far as preventing breakouts go, keep your freshly waxed dreads away from your face with a hat or dread band. Knotty Boy Dread Wax contains various oils, including Kukui Oil. Although the Kukui is classified as a nut, like Coconut,... Read More »

Yes, you can start dreads from braids, BUT they will always kind of look like braids. So if you're wanting a fat Marley-dread look, it could happen, but rarely. Dreads started as braids will always be thinner and kinkier like...well...braids. A really great look if that's what you're going for! No matter your style and how you get there,... Read More »

Only use wax on DRY hair - EVER. Phewf! Now that's outta the way: yes, re-wax after shampooing, once your hair is 100% dry, all the way through. Wait about two days, or use a hair dryer on low-medium heat. Waxing hair even slightly damp can trap moisture underneath, and can lock in bacteria that can lead to the a condition we here lovingly... Read More »

Both Dread Wax and Tightening Gel work great for starting locks. Dread Wax has one advantage in that it is not water soluble. After locking up, you can wash your hair (after the initial two week wait) and the Wax's effect will help hold those knots together. If you use the Locksteady Tropical Tightening Gel to help bind your new locks,... Read More »

Knotty Boy Dread Wax helps your newly knotted dreadies hold together tight right away, speeding up the locking process, but its main claim to fame is that you can wash your hair as normal. The initial tangling or knotting (dreadlocking, or locking) is done mechanically by backcombing or any of the variety of methods out there - Dread Wax... Read More »

The Kukui Nut Oil in our Dread Wax is a highly effective emollient that is absorbed quickly and thoroughly, which leaves no greasy residue. If you suffer from allergies to cosmetic ingredients, we urge you to read the ingredients listed on the label of any product you may have in your possession, or to refer to our ingredients list here... Read More »

While Knotty Boy Dread Wax will not dissolve in water (water soluble) it IS shampoo soluble - with shampooing it will wash out, but not in just one wash. This is why it is excellent to help start dreadlocks. Wax should not be needed after the first three to six months, and it will gradually wash out over time leaving you with perfectly... Read More »

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