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Frequently Asked Questions...and Answers!

These questions and answers are a compilation of many years of dialogue between you and our helpful Knotty Boy Customer Service department. We can say with confidence that everything we know about dreadlocks and their related issues really is here, so please take your time, read thoroughly and get ready to learn so much more than you came for!

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If I use Knotty Boy Dread Wax, can I turn my braids into dreads?

Yes, you can start dreads from braids, BUT they will always kind of look like braids. So if you're wanting a fat Marley-dread look, it could happen, but rarely.

Dreads started as braids will always be thinner and kinkier like...well...braids. A really great look if that's what you're going for!

No matter your style and how you get there, we recommend a great, residue-free shampoo like our Shampoo Bar - no conditioners, and containing essential oils of Tea Tree and Peppermint to help keep your scalp sweet smelling and healthy.

In particular, regular washing of not only hair but scalp will prevent buildup of sebum (naturally secreted oils) which can lead to dandruff and stank, and tend to inhibit the natural formation of dreadlocks.

Regular washing will not prevent dreadlocking, but will in many cases help the process along by slightly drying out hair, which tangles into locks much easier than oily hair.


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