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Are the liquid shampoo and shampoo bar different?


parks and rec meme showing blank pages with words corporate wants you to find the differences between this picture and that with a woman below saying they're the same picture



Apart from the obvious - formula-wise, absolutely nothing. They're the exact same recipe!

Both are handmade in small batches of pure, all natural ingredients. The Bar undergoes a curing (hardening) process, while the Liquid is left as is once completed. Due to a by-product of the curing process, the Bar will foam up when you lather it like a traditional shampoo, but the Liquid will foam so little as to be almost nil in comparison. Despite this, its cleansing action is the same. Really.

A similar foaming action in the Liquid could be achieved through the use of foaming agents solely for that purpose, and we like to keep it as natural as possible.

Learn more about foam here.




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