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Despite regular shampooing i have oily buildup on my scalp.


Very frequent washing can strip the natural oils from your scalp, which encourages the production guessed it, more oils.

Most people wash their hair a bit too often, so the transition to a once-weekly routine can be a bit of an adjustment - your scalp needs to get used to the new production schedule! Also, your (formerly) loose hair was constantly swooshing over your scalp distributing those oils - locked into your awesome new dreads, not so much. All this to say, that plaque-y buildup is caused by an excess of oil with nowhere to go.

To help get rid of any buildup, and to help your scalp start to right itself quicker, mix up a vinegar rinse for just pennies! Take one part white or cider vinegar (your call) and 9 parts water. Either use a spray bottle or just pour it over your scalp - mind your eyes!

Use your own best judgment here - a bit of a tingle is normal, but if you feel discomfort or severe irritation, abandon ship and rinse rinse rinse! If this happens and you want to try again, scale up to 1:15 vinegar to water or higher.

Best done in a bath - let it sit for 20 minutes while you catch up on your favourite podcast or music, then rinse it out with just water - no shampoo - until you can no longer smell vinegar in the runoff.




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