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How do i combine two dreadlocks into one?


In the case of mature locks, you need to focus on the root of your dread. (Chances are that nothing you do to the actual dreads themselves will stick.) It'll leave you with a bit of a forked lock until it grows out - which may just be awesome on its own - but, if that's not the vibe you're going for, it'll mean a new larger lock growing in, with a stronger root.

Newer locks can be partially undone and backcombed together for a more uniform look: take the roots of both dreads and bind them together. We recommend using embroidery floss or yarn instead of elastics, which can be excessively 'grabby' on individual strands, and also, depending on their composition, can break down and somewhat dissolve into your hair(!).

In tying them tightly, try to get them as tight to the scalp as possible. Add a good root rubbing to your maintenance routine, and remember to palmroll the two dreads as one.




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