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A farewell to salons


interior of orange highlighted salon with wood floors  and three stylst stations



After seven wonderful years of providing Vancouver, and the world, with our signature dreadlock services, ownership passed to none other than our very own well-loved Knotty Boy stylist and trainer, Kris!

Knotty Boy as a company returned to our roots of focusing 100% on the creation and distribution of Knotty Boy natural dreadlock care products.

In 2021, The Dreadquarters closed permanently, and we wish Kris well in her future endeavours.

To you, our customers and clients, we offer our heartfelt thanks for the memories, the laughs, the loyalty and the pure joy of meeting so many of you, our Knotty family, face to face! It's been the ride of a lifetime.

Adrianna xoxo

becca, kris, michael, adam, vanessa, emma, kelley, adrianna, and josh standing on the green steps of the small house where the knotty boy lock shop used to be



Knotty Boy ceased offering our Stylist Training & Affiliate Program in 2015.

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