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How to Make Dreadlocks

Dreadlock Styles

The possibilities are endless!

Here you will find easy steps for creating many different lock styles, including tutorials from members of our own Knotty family (see page bottom to show us yours). Or, get designing, and submit your own style photos to our Lock Styling Ideas Gallery!

Don't forget to finish off with a little Knotty Boy Tropical Tightening Gel or Dread Wax to smooth frizzies and hold that new super 'do in place, without flakey, gummy buildup.

Please note: If you're looking for photos of different types of dreads, please visit our Dreadlock Gallery to see thousands of locks in all hair types.

How to Make Dread Bun styles

Dread Buns
{basic and beautiful}

From simple to simply gorgeous, start with a basic Simple Dread Bun, or master the art of the no-elastic Lock Knot Bun and your 'do is done in minutes. For a dressier look, try a Sassy Side Bun: formal-fabulous in no time!

How to Make Curly Lock styles

Curly Locks
{get your kinks here}

Curls (just like girls!) come in all shapes and sizes. Get rolling G'ma's curlers for simple Sponge Roller Curls. No rollers? Raid the craft store for kinky Pipe Cleaner Curls, or channel your inner 80's dance diva by rockin' easy Rag Curls!

How to Make Dreadlock Up-Dos styles

{kick it up a notch}

First, tidy up your look with a simple, professional Dread French Braid. Then master the art of an edgy Flat Twist Faux Hawk and before you know it, you'll be tying the Simple Knotted Up-Do with your eyes closed!

How to Make Dreadlocks styles for the Fellas

For the Fellas
{unisex styles for guys or girls}

Knotty boys, we've got you covered. Go from snooze button to employee-of-the-month in minutes with a Professional Ponytail. Feeling funkay? Rock the Dreadhawk for a night out.

How to Make shorter Dreadlock styles

Shorter Locks Styles
{keeping em' short and sweet}

Short doesn't have to mean boring. Let your flower-child-flag fly with this beautiful Bohemian Style. Show 'em who's boss with a classy Business Bouffant, or be picture-perfect in an elegant, formal Short Lock Up-Do!

How to Make Dreadlock styles with a Wrap, Ribbon and Accessories

Wrap, Ribbons & Accessories {adding it on}

Take your new style to the next level! A little ribbon really makes these lovely Wrapped Pigtails stand out. Hide unruly locks from the public, or the weather, with a Turban. Or add flash with Beads & Bobbles and our fun dread deco ideas!


Even More Dread Styles

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