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Shawn Denny

Shawn Denny with Knotty Boy Products

Shawn Denny lives, breathes and teaches cycling in picturesque Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. Dreaded with Knotty Boy for five years, Shawn is a competitive cyclist who is promoted and featured in many films, videos and television programs, including Second Coming , Riders Anonymous and Hidden Pleasures , the last of which was a winner at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Click here to view some of Shawn's incredible biking trickery!

This summer Shawn is hard at work filming for MPF productions' fourth film, as well as appearing in Torque and Match video magazines. In July he and three of his teammates from Norco head off for two weeks of demonstrations at the Greatest Show on Earth - the Calgary Stampede. It's going to be one happy, nappy summer for Shawn!

"If it wasn't for the Knotty wax there is no way I would have been able to bind my thin-ass hair. Five years later I still got 'em all thanks to the Knotty Boy!" Shawn Denny , Nelson, BC

Knotty Boy Sponsors Shawn Denny

Update - August, 2003

Shawn's been a busy guy so far this summer, and its not even over yet! Here is what's been going on in his world and what's coming up for him...

Knotty Boy Sponsors Shawn DennyAfter doing demos in Cranbrook, Canada at Sam Steel Days with Keith Howitt, he and his full team at Norco headed over to the Calgary Stampede. Amongst them they did 39 demos in a 13 day period and hit all the major papers and Calgary's A-channel!

Being the conscious guy that he is, he also did helmet camera demos for "The Ride Guide", obviously wearing his helmet to protect his noodle and his dreads!

In addition to teaching group and private clinics in the Nelson area, with more in Panorama to come, he's been holding mechanics clinics through Gerick Cycle bi- weekly and is in the process of finding land on which to finally open the Kootenay School of Mountainbiking . Shawn's also been pictured in Launch MTB and in KMC (a Kootenay mountain culture magazine), and been involved in filming with MPF (for his section) and 296 Productions out of Ontario. Thanks, Shawn Denny, for keeping us updated and representing Knotty Boy to the masses!

Knotty Boy Sponsors Shawn Denny

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