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Our Sponsorships Continued

Finger Eleven

If you haven't heard of this crazy, heavy-edged band you must be living under a rock cuz they've opened for such mega-stars as Tool and Evanescence (not to mention headlining their own tours, of course) and grown in popularity like one of those tiny foam alligators that you put in water and then they expand over 600 times! Yeah, you heard me. So if you haven't checked them out, do so at, which happens to be a great site, by the way. We got to meet drummer Rich Beddoe at Summersault years ago when he stopped by to pick up some goodies for his locks and give us a signed drumhead to proudly hang on our office wall here at the DreadQuarters!

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Dennis Eckhart - Capoeira for peace champion

Knotty Dennis lives in Kingston, Jamaica and his amazing project Capoeira for Peace for children and youth promotes peace and non-violence through the Brazilian martial art and culture of Capoeira.

Dennis Dreads Dennis with the Kids

Currently Dennis is working on a holistic workshop concept that will involve Capoeira, music, dancing, self-development, anger management, nutrition counseling, drawing therapy and many other ideas. Dennis has been a Knotty Boy for nine years and tells us he really identifies with the Knotty Boy Vision and Values, as well as loves the fact that our products are all natural! We love what you're doing, too, Knotty Dennis! Rock on!


 Dennis with a friend


Kerri Franklin - singer/songwriter superstar


Knotty Kerri hails from Plymouth in the UK and simply wowed us with her sponsorship-proposal video! Watch here to see why we chose this talented and adorable Knotty girl as one of this season's Knotty Sponsored Kids!


Kerri Singing Kerri Guitar Pick

Kerri Playing Guitar Kerri and the Band




Alex Harper - Women's skateboarding champ

Alex is a 15 year-old lady skateboarder from Las Vegas, NV. In the ONE YEAR this sweetie has been riding, she’s kicked so much concrete ass and won so many medals in local competitions that she even threw a medal into her sponsorship proposal package for us here at Knotty Boy to keep! Just like it was nothin’!

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Kenneth Bancroft - free ride mountain unicycler

This is some crazy stuff!! Sixteen-year-old Kenneth from Nelson, BC has been a Free-Ride Mountain Unicycler for four years, something we here at Knotty Boy had never seen before! Watch the vid!

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Lucas Harari - Skateboard maniac

This eleven-year-old cutie Lucas has been skateboarding for three years and in this short time has won a whole load of competitions, including beating a ten, sixteen and eighteen year old in ‘Best Trick’ category!

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Wendy Robinson - Queen of the rails

Meet Wendy Robinson of Whistler, our own legendary ski hill here in beautiful BC, Canada. Wendy has been knotty for about eleven years, and is an ‘extreme sports’ lady-of-many talents, snowboarding in the winter and mountain-biking in the summer!

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Six of kele 6

KnottySix hails from Tel Aviv, Israel. In 1998 he began Kele 6, the famed Israeli rap group, and since that time they’ve recieved international acclaim, won awards, been sponsored by Reebok, and opened for other big acts like 50 Cent!

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Knotty Boy Sponsors Shawn Denny

Shawn Denny - biking freerider

Shawn Denny lives, breathes and teaches cycling in picturesque Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. Dreaded with Knotty Boy for five years, Shawn is a competitive cyclist who is promoted and featured in many films, videos and television programs, including Second Coming , Riders Anonymous and Hidden Pleasures , the last of which was a winner at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Click here to view some of Shawn's incredible biking trickery!

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Dylan Tremblay - biking freerider

OK folks, here’s Dylan – another free-ride mountain biker extraordinaire. Hailing from Nelson, BC, Dylan’s life has become immersed with his passion for biking.

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Shawn Denny with Knotty Boy ProductsKOSTAS from kostaman

This is Kostas givin’ it all with his world beat reggae band, Kostaman. He definitely keeps himself busy showing us all what we can do for the world through music. He’s doing the rounds in Whistler, BC mostly these days and has plans to do a summer tour and spread the word in some of BC’s most prominent festivals this year.

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Teresa Gomm - University of British Columbia Skim ClubPresident and Founder

Teresa Gomm’s been skim boarding for 2 years now. Last year she started her own boarding club at UBC to promote skim boarding in the community. It currently holds over 70 members, yup, not bad for their first year!


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Michelle Citrin Michelle Citrin - Singer/Songwriter

Michelle approached Knotty Boy to be sponsored in the summer of 2004. We were pretty impressed with her professionalism and. her dreads! Writing all her music and lyrics herself she's a powerful voice for girls and women with musical ambitions. Michelle's onstage presence is called engaging, soulful, skillful and quirky - well, aren't the folks with dreads always?

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Knotty Boy Sponsors Liz and RayKnotty Liz and Ray's Borneo Trek

So here's the scoop: Ray and Liz are two of our beloved Knotty kids from the UK that are running off to the Malaysian rainforest in January, 2004 for 17 weeks to do a lil' conservation work! Now as yet, they don't know EXACTLY what there're going to be doing out there, as it depends on what's going down at the time and what needs to be done, but it will most likely have to do with re-planting the rainforest. So for two months they'll be living in the jungle with the bugs and the nasties, and sleeping in hammocks with a few other folks for company. The other two months will be spent helping teach English at schools in the remote Kelabit Highlands.

Read more about Liz and Ray



Here's a band that's been working hard for Knotty Boy Dreadstuff and now we've FINALLY got them up on the site - sorry for the delay, guys!

Lead singer for Skerv, Rob Winchester, knocks our socks off with his tidy dreads, but they weren't always this way!

Read more about Skerv


Knotty Boy Sponsors RakitRakit

L.A. based RAKIT are one of the most acclaimed and award-winning modern rock bands in the western US. Since 2000 they have been declared "the best" in eight local award shows with their modern industrial music. No stranger to being knotty, self-described "larger-than-life frontman," Vinny Rakit has embraced the Knotty Boy products with enthusiasm. "Knotty Boy Dread Wax helps keep my dreads and fly-away hair together, and when you are under the spotlights on the big stage that's where it really counts."

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The Knotty Boy of Knotty Boys! This is Ozzie Pippenger, and when we were first contacted by his mom, he was a solid three years young. We first received an e-mail containing a tale of a little boy from Mountain View, California  who suddenly decided one day he wanted to git nappy. So his mom, Heidi, got some Knotty Boy and started to help him out.

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Andrea has been writing music since she was about 11, when her neighbor and her co-wrote what should have been a number one radio hit “heartbroken”. Fortunately she wasn’t discouraged when she didn’t become an overnight sensation! She grew up happily angering the other kids that she played with when her Barbie always had to be the ‘singer’ Barbie.
She bought her first guitar when she was in high school hoping that having bought a guitar, she would then have the incentive to learn how to play it. And learn how to play it she did. She recorded her first album when she’d only been playing for 1 year, and went promptly to record a second album in her bedroom in November of 2002.
She then traveled Europe for a while where she was fortunate enough to be invited onstage at a Belle and Sebastian concert at Massey hall. That was enough to kick her into high songwriting gear and record a really kickin’ cd to present to Belle and Sebastian in Scotland where she is presently promoting her butt off.

“Knotty Boy dread wax helps me keep my dreads…. And the shampoo bar helps me keep my friends! I get lots of surprised comments from people who’ve had to put up with smelly dread heads in their life, wondering how my dreads can look so hot and be so clean!! I’ve even managed to convince people who don’t even have dreads to start using the shampoo bar ‘cause it’s that good for your hair. Yes indeedy, Knotty Boy’s stuff is kickin’, and I’m not just saying that because they told me to – look at my dreads!”

Favorite colour: wine red
Favorite food: red curry
Favorite movie: The life aquatic / Amelie
Favorite activity: Playing music.

Favorite places I've been: the beach in Leptokarya, Greece, or a small
mossy cove on the Isle of Arran in Scotland.

Favorite quotes: "he who knows enough is enough will always have enough."
-- Lao Tzu

Funniest experience as a kid: hmmm....a tricky one. Funniest for everyone
else? Probably the time I was talking so distractedly that I walked
straight into a pole.


Elke Robitaille

This lovely folk phenomenon is Elke. At 21 years Elke Robitaille is not just your average little folk singer. The dynamics of her songs range from haunting contemporary folk-ballads, to high energy, hard driven folk-rock. Her songs are influenced by political, social, and environmental issues and of course, the never ending lessons and experiences of Love.
By the time her 20th birthday arrived, the enthusiastic and self-managed folk singer was on the road touring across Canada, had released her second full length studio album "Naive" (the follow up to her debut album "Doors" released in 2002), had graduated from the renowned Musicians Institute of Hollywood, California, with certificate training in Recording Engineering and Music Business Management, AND had launched her own Indie-Folk label: Rag Veda Records. These are things that have set Elke apart from her peers, and she is still driving strong.
Plans for doing another national tour of Canada and the US are constantly shaping, and evolving aspirations of starting a Publicity Company (subsidiary to Rag Veda Records) are in the making. So everyone will be sure to see and hear much more of the dreadlocked folk-star in the future!

What would I do without Knotty Boy Dread Products? I’d probably have to shave my head, if it weren’t for the yummy Knotty Boy Shampoo Bar and Peppermint Cooling Moisture Spray. Both products keep my scalp fresh and tingly clean, and leave my dreads smelling fab-u-lous! Not to mention they are both 100% natural! about caring for my dreads and being eco-friendly!”
~Elke Robitaille

And a little more about Elke…
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Vegetarian Yellow Thai Curry
Favorite Movie: I love movies... so this one's tough. My top 5 consist of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Napoleon Dynamite, Spinal Tap, Donnie Darko, Forrest Gump... list could go on!
Favorite Activity: Performing, Playing Guitar/Singing, Writing, Reading
Favorite Places I've Been: Anywhere along the coast of the Pacific Ocean... so many gorgeous places.
Favorite Quotes: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. (Lao-tse)
Most Embarrassing experience as a kid: one time my friends and I were walking home from school and we took a short cut through a construction yard. We had to climb over these large piles of dirt. I made it to the top of one of the dirt piles... and I started sinking in like it was quick sand. My friends pulled me out, but I lost my shoes... so I walked the rest of the way home barefoot and covered mud. (They walked about 20 feet behind me and couldn't stop laughing!)
Favorite Books: Catcher in the Rye, 1984, Memoirs of a Geisha, Indie Bible, Poetry Books...


Tiffany Morgan

Here’s Tiffypop. She’s probably one of our smiliest sponsored kids to date. She is the Love Peace and Dye owner/creator, and describes herself as Tie Dye Artist, Hemp Advocate, Lover, Weaver, Tree Hugging Hippie, Dirt Merchant, and could probably go on for a few pages on that one.
Currently she’s living in Milwaukee WI and travels far and wide with her tye dyed goodies. They offer anything tye dyed from socks, to aprons, to doggie clothes, to catnip kitty toys. All of their products are made of recycled materiel and are hand dyed. These guys are hemp happy too and use it to make all sorts of headbands, dog collars and jewelry. Tiffany can be seen at various festivals and events throughout the year selling the most recycled, reused and the most bestest tye dyed stuff out there.

"Knotty Boy Has the most informative website EVER!!"

Tiffypops favorite…..

Colour: Purple!
Food: Veggie Stuffed Shells
Movie: Haiku Tunnel, Anything By Steve Martin or Kevin Smith
Activity: Skipping and smiling
Places she’s been: Philadelphia to see live shows, and Bandelier New Mexico
Fav. Quotes:
“Stranger’s they are exciting, their mystery never ends, but there is nothing like looking at your own history in the faces of your friends” Ani Difranco
“You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do.” Jerry Garcia
Most embarrassing experience as a kid: Isn’t just about everything you do as a kid embarrassing to look back on??(I think she peed her pants.)
Favorite reading materiel: Anything by Tom Robbins, JD Salinger, Sylvia Plath
Fav. Article of clothing: A great skirt!! I have many of them!


Band members - LOOK HERE!

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