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Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Care
proudly presents:

Knotty Boy Loctician
Training Workshop

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Next Session:

Winter 2017 - Date TBA

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Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Care invites you to join us in Vancouver, Canada for the next Knotty Boy Loctician Training Workshop!

Since 2003, Knotty Boy professionals have established themselves as the most respected stylists in this unique industry. Now Knotty Boy offers stylists the opportunity to learn to lock like we do, and benefit from additional exposure as a Knotty Boy Affiliate Loctician.

An intensive two-day curriculum taught by Knotty Boy Stylist Trainers equips students with everything needed for Knotty Boy Method Dreadlock Creation and Ongoing Maintenance, as well as Dreadlock Repair, Extension and Modification. Knotty Boy Product education is also covered.  

"When I found out there was a course to further (my locking skills) and be in a room full of like-minded artists, I jumped at the opportunity...Being a part of the course and having the curriculum that we did engaged my senses for future challenges. I'm looking forward to doing more classes with Knotty Boy."

Meshelle Melone - Detroit, Michigan
Freelance Stylist, Knotty Boy Loctician Education Graduate

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