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$1,600.00 2 Day Course - incl. 16 hours of Training + Materials ($125 value):



DAY 1 (Approx 8 hours)

  • 1. Welcome and Overview

  • 2. Virgin / Natural Dreadlock Creation + Related Product Education

    • Client consultation and prep
    • Hair sectioning techniques
    • Root tying
    • Dreadlock creation techniques, with and without wax
    • Blunted and tapered lock-end creation
    • Client after-care education

  • 3. Basic Dreadlock Maintenance + Related Product Education

    • Separating and re-sectioning locks
    • Loose hair relocking techniques
    • Client after-care education

Day 1: Karen shows Ann-Marie from Sweden how to properly section and prepare a client's hair for new dreadlocks.


Day 2: Kris answers questions from Josh from Kansas City, while Lyndsi from Winnipeg practices tightening and tidying loose locks on a live model.

DAY 2 (Approx 8 hours)

  • 1. Dreadlock Repair, Modification + Related Product Education

    • Damage assessment and problem solving
    • Lock imperfection repair techniques
    • Re-configuring and modifying odd lock sections
    • Strengthening, lengthening and reattaching broken locks

  • 2. Dreadlock Extensions

    • Client consultation and prep, ie. colour and texture matching
    • Adding length to new and mature natural locks
    • Client after-care education


Important Course-Booking Details

  • A 50% deposit is required at registration. Deposits non-refundable except in case of course cancellation by Knotty Boy. Balance due on first day of course. Cash, postal money order, MC/Visa/Amex/Discover accepted.
  • We ask registrants to please wait to book non-refundable flights and accommodations until after 30 days prior to course start date. International students are advised to check documentation, visa, and/or any other CBSA requirements.
  • Knotty Boy techniques are chemical-free, and a Hairstyling License is not mandatory, but professional experience is highly recommended
  • Knotty Boy reserves the right to refuse unqualified applicants due to lack of experience or conflict of interest concerns.
  • Completion of Knotty Boy Educational Courses does not equal or supersede any applicable stylist licensing regulations.
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