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Handy Travel Soap Box

Soap Box

$ 4.00

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Dread Shampoo Bar

Handy Travel Soap Box


Say, what do we have here?? Why, an extremely handy-dandy, sunshine yellow travel soap box!

We think of everything, don't we? So much so that KnottyEmma in the Knotty Boy Product Testing Department even thought it would be a good idea to throw a watery, wet All Purpose Shampoo Bar in it and chuck it down the stairs here at the DreadQuarters to make sure it didn't leak. Ta-daaaa! No leaks!

Officially being sturdy enough to withstand being crushed, mashed and banged about in any backpack, with a good solid closure to prevent soapy leakage on your sleeping bag, you can now take your Knotty Boy (mountain-stream friendly) Shampoo Bar with you anywhere you go.

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" "You guys are awsome! I couldn't believe how easy it was to navigate your site and find what I was looking for (I usually don't like the internet or computers much). All the information I needed was free, and as a student I really appreciate that. Every question I had was already answered, every instruction on how to dread my hair was perfectly clear, and I was even more shocked to find you guys donate to charity - cool stuff. Your customer service and company representatives are at a par not yet reached by many businesses. Thank you for being so chronic! Keep up the great work." "

— Knotty Nigel

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