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Knotty Boy Jumbo Sticker

Knotty Boy Sticker

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Dread Shampoo Bar

Knotty Boy Jumbo Sticker

Knotty Boy Sticker

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Yes, these are the very same fabulous jumbo-sized stickers you get when you place an order with Knotty Boy - but if you've just got to have more, well hot diggity! now you can buy as many as your little heart desires!

" "My package arrived today! And here we go, I'm opening it... *ripping sounds in the background* surveying... everything's here!! Thanks a million, guys!! You did a super job, the order is right, it got all the way across the freakin' country in 2 days! AND I got free stickers!! Thanks a bunch, dudes! Your stuff is the greatest!" "

— Knotty Dave

" "Thanks for making the wax - it kicks ass! I may dread the dog!" "

— Knotty Rich

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