Starting dreads, but just not sure what you'll need?

We've done the hard work for you by putting together the bare essentials for starting locks from scratch (and in larger Kits, a few fun extras), at a discount!

Incredible locks
in weeks, not years.

Create and maintain beautiful locks in any hair type easier, faster, and cleaner with Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Care products.

Pure ingredients, simple instructions and limitless customer support. Think Dreadlocks, Think Knotty Boy - the Original Since 1998!

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Natural Journeys Blog

Knotty Boy loves Sisterlocks and it sounds like they love us back! The Natural Journeys blog tells us how Sisterlocks and Knotty Boy go hand in hand!

Kokofemme - Locs, Makeup & Reviews

  Here's Kokofemme just being herself, telling her viewers how far along she's come on her dreadlock journey and how she met Knotty Boy products a...

The Acuff Zoo Blog

We ordered their starter kit, and had it in hand within a week (we are in Texas and they are in Canada). Sat down Satuday and got to work on his head.

Hair With Purpose Blog

First thing I needed to do is wash Antonio's hair which had oils and wax in it. I Used the Knotty Boy Dread Shampoo bar. I was surprised how much foam and lather you can get from a shampoo bar.

Living Vancouver Show On CBC TV

The origin of dreadlocks is a highly debated subject.  Many people will say that it started with the Rastafarian movement in Jamaica in the West Indies..

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