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How To Remove Too Much Wax From Dreads

overly waxed dreads laying across a person's open palm

How To Remove Too Much Wax From Dreads

Oops! You've over-waxed your dreads and now your head is looking a little more 'candlestick' than 'clean and tidy'. Never fear, just a few simple steps and you'll have all that excess Knotty Boy Dread Wax gone and locks looking as good as new!

Detailed Instructions

blow dryer, dreadlock shampoo bar, paper towels, and pre-dreading shampoo bar on a table

Step 1 - get your gear


fake model head with overly waxed dreads being blown dry by a hand dryer

Step 2 - turn up the heat

Working with one dread at a time, blow dry from root to tip for 15-20 seconds on high heat to soften the Wax.

wiping away excess heated dreadlock wax from disturbing weird rubber head with overly waxed dreadlocks

Step 3 - suck it up

Wrap the paper towel around the dread and squeeze firmly. The softened Wax will be absorbed by the paper towel.

Repeat until you've absorbed as much Wax as possible.

three original dreadlock shampoo bars with blue label and mascot

Step 4 - shampooing

Give your dreads a good wash with Knotty Boy Dreadlock Shampoo in liquid or bar form, or the Bee Washed Pre-Dreading & De-Waxing Soap in hot water. Check out our How to Wash Dreads video tutorial for step by step details on washing locks.

Easy peasy! So when you continue with your regular weekly dreadlock maintenance routine, remember, less is more when it comes to Wax. A little dab'll do ya! But you totally know that now, right?


How often should I rewax?

Rewax "as needed"... helpful, right? Let's try that again. You only need enough Wax to help everything stick together, so it shouldn't be a daily thing. To check, palmroll a dry dread - does it hold together fine? Then you don't need to add any more Wax. If it's frizzy and falling apart, it's time to add a little more, sparingly. You can always add more if you need it.

How long should I keep using the Wax?

We recommend the Wax for up to the first 6-12 months, or however long it takes for your locks to fully lock and mature. After this, with consistent root maintenance, tip maintenance, shampooing, and palm rolling, we recommend the lighter Knotty Boy Locksteady Tropical Tightening Gel. Throughout the life of your locks, however, you can continue to use Wax sparingly for a little extra grooming of loose tips and flyaways, and conditioning for your locks, too.

Is the Wax going to stay in my hair forever?!

No. Every time you wash your hair, you're washing out a little bit of the Wax from your locks. Once you are no longer applying the Wax regularily, with weekly washings it won't be long before you're left with soft, clean, wax-free locks. Any Wax used sparingly for grooming will stay lightly on the outside of your locks and can be washed away with a hot shower.

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