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Outside of work b4/Luvn life after!!

Photo Title: Outside of work b4/Luvn life after!!

Name: Heather Huber

Age: 30-40

Location: Portland,OR,USA

Hair Type: thick, straight

Lock Age: 1-6 months

Stylist: Myself

 Added: Some Time Ago

Photo Description:

So I must say that I think having dreads is basially like just an extension of who we are inside.. so if you're beautiful it'll be reflected in the dreads .. that's my theory anyways. I live my hair. Luckily I live in a very open, friendly, city and people treat me as an individual. ♡ I used the Knotty Boy wax only a few times and I do my own essential oil products for maintenance care. I do have the locking gel and have used it too. Great stuff!

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