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Knotty Boy founder Adrianna Hepper


Dearest Knotty Family,

When this whole Knotty Boy thing first began way back in September 1998, to be honest, we had no idea we were even starting a company. All we knew was that there was a desperate need for a good, all-natural product specifically for starting and maintaining dreadlocks. Since it was apparent no such thing existed at that time, we developed something ourselves that worked, and worked really, really well. So well, in fact, that before we even knew what was happening, we were up to our ears in what was becoming more than just the rapid success of the world's first hair products for dreadlocks. It seemed a whole phenomenon was emerging; a culture made up of every kind of individual you can imagine, connected all around the world by a common love for dreadlocks and becoming what we affectionately began referring to as the Knotty family!

And we were just kids in our very early 20's, still trying to figure out who the heck we were, what the heck we were going to do with our lives and where the heck we fit into the big picture, just like so many of you out there.

All this to say: we get it.

From the 13 year old picked on for having bad hair, to the 30-something still resisting the whole growing-up, being-boring thing, to the metal-head wanting to set herself apart from the norm, to the peace-lover using his outward appearance to express the values of his innermost heart... Regardless of your reason for having dreadlocks, we understand. You are a part of a global family that knows exactly how you feel, and you are never alone. (Join us over here to talk to us and thousands of your locked brothers and sisters now, if you like!)

Through hundreds of thousands of emails and letters, we have become intimately acquainted with your struggles, uncertainties, challenges and victories. Most of the time it's not so much about getting dreadlocks as it is about finding yourself, figuring out what matters, letting go of fears, closing your eyes and just... jumping.

This is why our mission is to help empower the world, one head at a time. It sounds idealistic, but we like to aim high around here! From our fiercely loyal fans worldwide, to Knotty Boy staff and associates, to people just hearing about Knotty Boy for the first time, we want to convey to you our commitment to uplifting, respecting, supporting and encouraging those around us, dreadlocks or no dreadlocks.

Be yourself! Be conscious of your influence on others. Take chances. Don't worry what 'they' might say. Keep your eye on the big picture and don't sweat the small stuff. THINK before you buy. Be a positive force for change in your own little piece of the world - even if it's by simply rockin' dreadlocks, you're showing others through your own example that they, too, don't have to be afraid to express themselves. Stand up for what you believe in.

You never know who you might be encouraging out there, just by being YOU.

Much light and love to you, Knotty ones!

Adrianna's Signature


Knotty Boy's Core Values are:

  • Relationships - putting our whole hearts into relationships of quality with our Knotty family, and with each other in the Knotty Boy team.
  • Education - destroying myths that surround dreadlock culture and re-educating through communication via media, website and our contact with others.
  • Empowerment - inspiring others to be themselves, abandon fears, take positive risks in life and do good in the world around them.
  • Integrity - commitment to making the absolute highest quality body products possible, to conduct business honestly, and to be transparent and ethical in all things.
  • Social Awareness - being conscious of our sphere of influence, the people that look to us for direction and being aware of social responsibilities on a global scale. Constantly striving to reduce our eco-footprint, and partner with and support other sustainable businesses.
  • Energy - let's not forget about having fun!! Using our energy to embrace youthfulness with zero regard for age and to be driven to make today better than yesterday, as a business and as individuals.


We have so much planned for the future with Knotty Boy we can barely stand it. Our biggest struggle is to be patient and not attempt to do everything now, now, NOW - even while we already have more on our plates than we can handle. Thanks for being patient along with us and for all the little notes of encouragement and support you've poured upon us over the years. They mean the world to us, Knotty family!

And hey, we know we're not perfect, we're always learning so much as we go. But you can help us know what we're doing right, and where we can improve through by sending us your Feedback, or shoot us an email with your thoughts any time. We love constructive feedback because it helps make us even better!


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